In the midst of planning the perfect wedding, finding your dream wedding dress may become a demanding experience. Luckily, our local Australian designers offer a renowned, luxury shopping experience for your bridal necessities. Each boutique pride themselves creating your bespoke dress with your look, vision and aesthetic in mind.

Below includes a selection of prominent designers of our choice – lets get your wedding butterflies going!


New South Wales


Lillian Khallouf

Lillian Khallouf has explored the wedding industry for many years, where her experience allows her to bring her own cuisine of bridal glow for the LK Bride. The LK bride represents all things modern with a timeless edge. Lillian believes that each bride is her own person, as is the designs that carries her on her big day. LK draws inspiration from her bride, where she brings the choice of silhouette , fabric and myriad details together to create the forever gown every woman dreams of.

(Image Credit: Lillian Khallouf Facebook)

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Steven Khalil

Steven Khalil established his fashion house in 2003 in Paddington, Sydney. Known for his bridal and red-carpet gowns. Steven Khalil has since established his brand internationally, thanks to the popularity of his celebrated clients such as Kylie Jenner, Princess Maria- Olympia of Greece & Kate Waterhouse. The brand quality and expertise create an unforgettable silhouette for each kind of Australian client who sports a luxury look.

(Image Credit: Steven Khalil Facebook)

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Leah Da Gloria

Leah Da Gloria represents the definition of prestigious Australian couture. Founded in Petersham, Sydney, their designs embody an appreciation for sinuous designs and the ornate detailing of European fabrications, resulting in the culmination of her world-wide client base. Leah’s experimental products hold a unique story to each client thanks to the finest imported lace, silks and embroideries.

(Image Credit: Leah Da Gloria Facebook)

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Pallas Couture

The world-class luxury bridal and evening brand combines a unique charm of women through each design. With romantic and elegant intention, the founder Joy Morris, is known for her exclusive patterns and high-class clientele. Showcasing impeccable lines accompanied with French lace and beading, Pallas’ Haute couture illuminates’ elements of a personalised, high-fashion aesthetic.

(Image Credit: Pallas Couture Facebook)

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Helen Rodrigues

Helen Rodrigues carries and represents globally recognised designers such as Elie Saab, Elihav Sasson, Inbal Dror and Jenny Packham – establishing international bridal collections under one roof. Located in Neutral Bay, Sydney, clients are astonished by the e-commerce accessory platform and convenience. When visiting Helen Rodrigues, a bride is spoilt for choice – by selecting their favourable gown, tailoring and customized twice after, according to the needs of customers.

(Image Credit: Helen Rodrigues Facebook)

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George Elsissa

Having graduated from East Sydney Fashion Design Centre, George Elsissa is an emerging, young and fresh couture designer that he had always dreamed of. Producing amazingly breathtaking gowns with an aesthetic,form and aiming to be a serious couturier with a powerful and unique vision, George Elsissa combines luxury and accessibility for every Australian women.

(Image Credit: George Elsissa Facebook)

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South Australia


Paolo Sebastian

Paolo Sebastian was founded by the talented Paul Vasileff, in 2007. The Australian world- class boutique, is known for their desirable craftsmanship and handmade talent observed by Vasileff’s team in the heart of Adelaide, Australia.  Delicate tulle and French romantic lace embody key features of Paolo Sebastian creations. The designer’s inspiration stems from nature,  featuring startling hand embroidery and elegant draping.

(Image Credit: Paolo Sebastian Facebook)

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J’Aton Couture

Established in Melbourne, J’Aton Couture ranges their bespoke gowns on an international platform. Celebrated for their skilled handwork and attention to detail, the designers use traditional methods in their stunning bespoke evening and bridal wear. J’Aton’s is known to evoke surprise with their intricate design and detail, combining a women’s powerful and soft characteristics, while emphasising the brands luxurious and romantic sides.

(Image Credit: J’Aton Couture Facebook)

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Discovering and designing your bespoke wedding dress embodies an emotional experience that makes your journey unique. Similarly, at Affinity Diamonds, our expertise communicates the irreplaceable memory that your Wedding Bands represent for the rest of your romantic journey.

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