Coloured Stones

Similar to how wedding dress trends change with fashion seasons so do jewellery trends and especially engagement rings. Social media and celebrity influence is stronger than ever. Picking a ring that reflects your own personal style and stands out from everyone else’s will ensure you adore it forever. And right now, coloured stones are having their moment.

While today’s brides love the tradition of engagement rings, they don’t always want their rings to look traditional. The classic white diamond has ruled for a long time, but coloured gemstones are back in the spotlight.

Royal sapphires, emeralds, morganite, rubies and canary yellow diamonds are a few of the coloured stones gaining attention right now. Whether you choose your gemstone based on your favourite colour, your birthstone or even use an heirloom stone passed down through the generations, a ring chosen this way will be even more meaningful and unique than any other.

But choosing a coloured gemstone doesn’t mean you have to completely forgo the white diamond! Set your green emerald in a halo of white diamonds, flank your canary yellow diamond with white diamond side stones or consider a pave diamond band to accompany your sapphire centre stone.

The sky is the limit when it comes to the different setting and stone combinations available when considering coloured gemstones. Below are a few that we love at Affinity Diamonds and will surely get you thinking about how you can create your own uniquely sentimental ring.

Pear Cut Peach Morganite

Fancy Yellow Radiant Cut Diamond

Emerald Cut Green Emerald 

Cushion Cut Blue Ceylon Sapphire

Pear Cut London Blue Topaz 

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